Serienjunkies Notifier & SpecificFileMover

    • Serienjunkies Notifier & SpecificFileMover

      Serienjunkies Notifier is a project with the aim to inform you about new releases as soon as possible.

      - It can search a given feed for user inputed series
      - It can search for the exact season and episode (Format: Name.Name.S0E00)
      - The user can add/remove series he wants to track
      - The user can adjust the episode of the season he tracks
      - It has a tray mode, where it's hidden in the tray and searches every ~30 minutes for new updates
      - Can directly open the serienjunkies page

      - Add a serie by typing the information in the therefor provided boxes, make sure the serie is spelled correctly, if you are not sure, you can see the right spelling on this page in the update news.
      - change episode number by performing a double click (+1) or clicking left and then right (-1)
      - open serienjunkies page by double clicking

      SpecificFileMover is supposed to help you finding and copying/moving files of a specific type to a selected target directory. This should help you with complex subfolder situations, that occur when you download a lot of files for example. This is especially useful for a page like Serienjunkies, when you extract the files and they are scattered over many subfolders. With this program you can list all of these files and copy/move them to a directory of your choice!
      We hope we can save you some time with this program!

      - Search a folder and its subfolders for files of a specific filetype
      - List found files and let you delete the ones you don't wish to copy/move
      - Select a target directory which receives the files you wish to copy/move
      - Move/Copy the Files

      When you have improvement suggestions just send a PM to me, thanks!

      Jan & Philipp